The new  logo dedicated to Sculture di Ghiaccio is  designed starting  from the  main element of all the activity : the ice.
The ice shades, the cold  tones, from white  to blue, are  used to delineate an iceberg which has took the iconic role on recognizable logo and brand of Sculture di Ghiaccio.

But why the iceberg? It is easy to associate by definition to the  ice  manifestation , but not only for this. It is this but also other.

Iceberg is par excellence associated to ice, iceberg is the ice which is  molding in a recognizable and known shape, but iceberg is also metaphor of the “poetic meaning” behind the artistic work. From the iceberg we can see only the  tip like  in the  Francesco Falasconi’s  art works , we catching immediately the  beauty and  the artisanal mastery but  this  art works derived  from the artistic sensitivity  and the achieved competences  Of Francesco of which they are the result and expression .