The courses are addressed to chefs, confectioners, room executives  and all those who want to learn fundamental techniques of ice sculpture and its basilar knowledge , in courses where  practice and theory are combined.


To make to acquire all necessary competences to the students, to realise themeselves, but with the help of teacher, those are called classical“piéce” for a buffet or a ceremony, for example: a swan, an harp, a cup, a shell, an eagle, a seahorse, an heart with two doves, a cornucopia, a platform for fruit or sushi.

Educational Method

the class provides a first tehorical part , in which we are going to explain specific characteristics of a block of ice for sculpture and requirements for its manipulation, different techniques to approach to ice sculpture ( through paper drawing, with a shape or freehand); characteristics and use of items for the ice manufacture ( electrical ,manual and complimentary ones) and their maintenance

A second part purely practical, that it will occupy 90% of class where the student will carve the ice, followed by teacher step by step.

The Course will end with notions of manipulation and conservation of sculpture.

Next Courses

7 April - Milan

Sculpture course to realize ice sculptures for buffets and ceremonies.
The course is being hosted by Francesco Falasconi, worldwide champion of ice-cream parlor “Sigep 2012”.