I was born in Fano, on the 22th of september 1978, and I grew up in Apecchio, a little town located in the Apennines of region Marche. When I started to study at the School of hotel management I moved to the nearest Adriatic Riviera , there I began to do my first experiences in the restaurant’s field.

Over the years, I approached to the artistic cucine, especially to decorate hotel buffet, starting with carved vegetables and butter.
In february 2006, for the first time I was impressed by an ice sculpture, made in live-action with a chainsaw.The same day I took an appointment for my first class about sculpted ice with the Master I saw in action, that he noticed my qualities and predisposition (almost natural) since the first time to ice sculpture, I proposed to work with him.

I worked with my Master for a year accumulating a stock of c0nsiderable experiences, then in april 2007 I get a job offer from an important company situated in the Republic of San Marino, that produces and sells ice in all the formats, and also sculptures.

With “Ghiaccio Express” I make works for large hotel chains like Boscolo Hotels, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Il Salviatino, sculptures for the Republic di San Marino, for Gorotex, Neutro Roberts, Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda, for the AibesLuxury Yacht Club di Rimini, for the “Pink Night” of Rimini, Confcommercio, BCC, Lexus, MG meetings and for Ferrari, Lancia, Jaguar and at last for tv programs.

From the beginning of 2010, while I was continuing to collaborate with the Republic of San Marino for the major and bigger events, I started an activity on my own with the name “FFghiaccio”, beginning a new passionate adventure: difficulties are challenges for me and also  a process to improve my level, and arrive at the point to be considered a Master.

Sculptures I realize are appreciated in several situations, from mountain-communities, during gala’s dinners, in restaurants and hotels, disco, at shopping centers, on advertisements, at film’s premiers, on openings, tvs, radio-tours, at convention, with requests more and more particular.

But is in the live-action that I can express myself at the top level of my capacities.

Ice sculpture is my true passion, Ice sculpture sort of allows me to shut the contest out: it exist only the block (or blocks) of ice and what will become.

Experiences and Awards

February 2006 ice sculpted course by the Master Graziano Re from Pievetorina  (MC)

June 2006 Live action at the“Pink Night” Bikini beach Cattolica

December 2006 “Ice Nativity’s scene”in Pievetorina MC “ Nativity’s scene” in Massa Martana (PG)

Christmas 2006 live action in Sant’ Angelo in vado (PU)

February 2007 silver  medal at ARTISTICA 2007  MIA  Rimini

February 2007 live action treated by the chefs association from Montecatini terme in Montecatini (PT)

March 2007 Gold medal at the  Italian’s International cooking challenge in Marina di Carrara(MS)

March 2009 Silver Medal at the Italian’s International cooking challenge in Marina di Carrara(MS)

January 2011 winner at the selection from the  WORLDWIDE CUP OF ICE-CREAM PARLOR that it will dispute in 2012

March 2011 golden medal at the  international cooking  challenge.

January 2012 winner at the WORLDWIDE CUP OF  ICE-CREAM PARLOR  with the italian team became “Ice-cream parlor champion”.